About Ervin Murfree

Fundraising is fun and Sales isn’t a DIRTY WORD

No matter how much I try to avoid it, many see SALES as dirty word and salespeople as approaching something close to a wild dog frothing at the mouth. Similarly, just the subject of fundraising at a board meeting is enough to clear too many a nonprofit boardroom.

So, I never planned a career in sales or nonprofit fundraising. In fact, I thought I would be an economic or political analyst or a college professor.

Hence, my degrees in Political Science and International Affairs, and my desire to relocate to the Washington DC area right out of graduate school.

Life, as they say, got in the way, and eventually I ended up in sales – at age 27.

Having now spent 30 years in fundraising, nonprofit development, sales and sales leadership, when I first started,  having never received any official sales-related training, I had to figure it out, hit the ground running, make quota and figure it out on my own…and eventually, figure out how to make it work so that the impact would go just beyond closing the sale.

As a Development/Fundraising Manager and Sales Executive and experienced far too many well-minded organizations that were truly committed and working to realize a community economic development mission, but had strategic gaps hindering their sales and marketing processes and their ability to increase revenues.

Thus, why I started my business development solutions company, to help fill those gaps.  The company is set up to identify, at minimum, and design the specific service/program/platform/channel that reflects the goals you want to achieve. I am driven by my personal commitment to your organization and your issues.  Xpected Outcomes is dedicated to working with small business organizations, nonprofit organizations, associations, and organizations promoting a community economic development agenda.  

And why I focus on helping marketing teams at nonprofits and small businesses.

I hope to talk with you!

Ervin Murfree, Founder
Xpected Outcomes