Our approach

Xpected Outcomes provides a personalized approach with the utmost quality; our core competency is the creation and execution of high-level new business and fundraising campaigns.

We provide a service that is dedicated to enhancing the marketing and sales efforts of our clients. Through the utilization of creative marketing, telemarketing, and sales techniques, we position our clients to efficiently deal with an uncertain economy, rising costs and limited resources in order to maintain and increase the exposure they are seeking in new and existing markets. We view our client’s customer acquisition holistically; with traditional marketing, web, social media, content and marketing automation all working together based on the premise that the perspective of the target market/customer drives customer service, marketing and public relations activities.  

We don’t seek to change our client’s existing systems and impart our version, but rather, we seek to accelerate those systems in place, to change outcomes.  By presenting alternative possibilities that challenge the premise of the current system, illusions tend to be shaken and loosen, and opens up space for a more evolved version of the system to emerge.  Although we quantify our results and ROI, what we do is truly more of an art than a science.  Our services save our clients time, money, efforts, frustration and the agony of initiating the revenue development process.

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