Operating Principles

Client Image: Whether or not an immediate gift or dollar is generated or meeting is scheduled, your organization’s name and identity are being reinforced.  Our sales and fundraising approaches are not scripted, but are fluid and engaging.


ROI: Our clients retain us because of our capacity to create and generate new sales and fundraising revenues at an enhanced pace in existing and new markets.  The value we bring to our clients is quantifiable and clear.  


Business Model: We bring an unrelenting yet courteous approach to presenting and supporting our client’s marketing and fundraising activities.  Working in cooperation with our clients we design campaigns that generate revenues, qualify leads, intrigue decision-makers, create relationships, obtain feedback and facilitate organizational growth.


Nowadays, having a trial-and-error approach in business infrastructure development can be costly and time consuming.  Our engagements are successfully implemented and integrated into your organizational culture.  XO will make sure marketing and CRM solutions are in line with your sales volume and future sales goal projections.  Our solutions adapt to your staff and company culture and we make sure the solution takes into account all systems of your company. We analyze how each department works with one another, how sales flows through all areas of the organization.  In short, we make sure the entire business and technology infrastructure is optimized for your workflow processes.

XO develops and implements your business and technology infrastructure.  We do not represent any vendor’s products and have no allegiance to anyone except our customers.  We are your business/technology mentors and advocates.